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پودر بندکشی
پودر بندکشی
محصول پایه سیمانی با افزودنی های پلیمری و شیمیایی

Binding powder

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JOINT FILLER FLEX ( 1 – 6 mm. ) jo-fil flex

Cement based, includes special chemical additives, water repellant; in various colours, used for where instant heat changes. Flexible with a high performance filler for joints from 1 to 6mm.
Easily used indoors and outdoors, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces: ceramic, marble, floor tiles e.g. filling the joints of coating equipment.
Application surface should be free of dirt, dust, mortar waste , materials and liquids that could prevent fixing between the edges of joints. Before application, joints should be dampened.
• For the preparation of the dry mortar, put 8 litres of water into the container and then slowly add the 20 kg of cement based material. While adding the material, stir the mixture with a low speed blender in order to get a lump free, homogeneous consistency.
• The mixture is left for 5 minutes to mature, then is blended for a further 2 minutes.
• The prepared mixture should be pressed into the joints by cross application with a rubber trowel.
• Excess material should be wiped off with a soft spatula or wet sponge. Depending on the ambient temprature, the prepared mixture should be left for 30-45 minutes and then the surface should be cleaned again with a wet sponge.
• If the surface humidifies one day later , the grouting will have more endurance.
Tile Dimension,cm Jointing Gap width Gr/m2
2mm 4mm 6mm
10×10 400 – –
15×15 300 550 –
20×20 250 450 750
20×25 230 400 650
30×30 200 375 575
• Do not add any foreing material to the mortar.
• Do not apply in rainy or hot sunny conditions. Temperature for application should be between +5oC and +35oC.
• After application all equipment should be washed.
• If the cement based mortar touches the skin, it should be washed off with plenty of water.
Colour : White and selection of 18 colours.
Type : Powder
Dry specific gravity : 1000±100 gr/dm3
Max grain dimension : 0.1 mm
Compression strength : >15.0 N/mm2
Flexural tensile strength : >3.5 N/mm2
Tensile adhesion strength : >1.0 N/mm2
In bags of 20 kg
12 months in dry conditions