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Concrete repair





Cement based, including special chemical additives and fillings, rapid hardening, high resistance, flexible repair mortar.


Used for  fixing the surface of concretes, prefabricated concretes ,precast reinforced concrete compound unit, e.g , concrete compound unit, reinforced concrete which is in a damaged state,ceramics, marble, glass mosaics, the edges of balconies and stairs, and also for reparing the surface of heat insulation plates.


Application surface should be free of dirt, dust, mortar waste , material and liquids that could prevent adhesion. Application surfaces should be dampened.


  • To prepare  the dry mortar, put 4 litres of  water into the container and then slowly add the 25 kg of cement based dry mortar . While adding the mortar, stir the mixture with a low speed blender.Prepared mortar is applied with a trowel.
  • When applying to large areas of concrete the mortar should be 3-10mm thick. If the application is thicker than that, it should be done in stages  at 3 hours intervals, up to a maximum of  30mm. Although depth is not important for fixing gaps and cracks,  the surface width should not be more than 100mm.


For 1mm thickness average use 1,4 kg/m2


  • Foreign material should not be added to the mortar.
  • Ambient temperature should be between  +5oC and +35oC.Should not be applied in rainy,  windy or hot sunny conditions.
  • After application all equipment should be washed
  • If the cement based mortar touches the skin, it should be washed off with plenty of water.



Colour                                               : Grey

Type                                                  : Powder

Dry specific gravity                         : 1400±100 gr/dm3                              

Initial setting (of concrete)          :25 minutes

Completion of setting                  :2 hours 30 min

Compression strength                  :

1 day                          :15.0 N/mm2

7 days                        : 30,0N/mm2

28 days                      : 42,0N/mm2

Flexural tensile strength               : 8.0 N/mm

Tensile adhesion strength            :1.5 N/mm2                             


In  bags of 25 kg  


12 months in dry  conditions


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