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ملات عایقکاری دو جزئی
ملات عایقکاری دو جزئی
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two part insulation

WATER INSULATING MATERIAL water 2 (Two Components, Elastic)



It is two-component, cement-based, high-performance water insulating material containing chemical additives not detrimental to human and environment.


BEDUmix water 2  is used for water insulation of floors such as bathroom, kitchen and terrace, retaining walls, elevator shafts, underground garages, swimming pools and surfaces exposed to low water pressure.


Soil, dust, mortar wastes and other substances preventing adhesion and unstable parts must be removed from the application surface. Large cracks, gaps and holes on the surface must be repaired with BEDUmix con-mor or rep-plast repair mortar at least 24 hours before the application; edges and corners must be smoothed. Surface must be moisturized slightly before application.


  • 10 liters liquid component is put into the clean container prepared for mixture. After that, BEDUmix water 2 dry mortar in 20 kg bag is added into the liquid component and mixed by a mixer operating in low revolution until lumps are dissolved.
  • It is waited for 5 minutes; then re-mixed for 2 minutes.
  • Prepared mortar is applied onto the surface by trowel; it is applied so that its thickness will not exceed 2 mm in total.
  • Second coat must be applied after it is ensured that the first coat is dried.


1,7- 1,8 kg/m2 for 1 mm thickness.


  • Foreign substances must not be added into BEDUmix water 2 mortar which is in original bag.
  • Temperature of application environment must be between +5 oC and +35 oC; application must not be performed under strong wind, sunlight and rain.
  • All used tools must be washed with water before drying after application.
  • Locations where mortar contacts with skin must be swilled since it is cement-based.


Color                                                                     : A; Grey     B; White

Form                                                                     : A; Powder    B; Liquid

Dry unit weight ( A+B)                                    :1100+-100gr/dm3

Capillary water absorption                           : 0,01 kg/m2h1/2

Resistance against pressure water            : 3 bar positive

Ready for use                                                    : 7 days


Powder (A)         : 20 kg Kraft bag

Liquid (B)             : 10 lt plastic can


1 year in dry places. Liquid (B) component must be protected from frost.


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