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چسب بلوک AAC
چسب بلوک AAC
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Gas block adhesive





It is a cement-based high performance bonder that complies with BEDU-mix standards of quality. It is composed of non-noxious special chemical additives and fibrous materials.


This high quality BEDUmix gra-mix is suitable for bonding granite ceramic, terrazzo, artificial and natural stones, pressed brick etc. on horizontal and vertical surfaces of indoor areas, horizontal surfaces of outdoor areas. It is a perfect solution for bonding granite ceramic on existing claddings (ceramic, marble, granite ceramic, granite, and artificial and natural stones).

Surface Preparation

Remove soil, dust, oil, paint and other loose materials that may prevent fine adhesion on the application surface. Wide cracks, cavities and holes on the surface should be repaired with BEDUmix con-mpr or rep-plast repair plaster at least 24 hours prior to bonding. Slightly wet concrete or plastered surfaces immediately before cladding.


  • Put a sufficient amount of water for the mortar to be mixed in a clean container and sprinkle the gypsum onto its surface. (water / bonder ratio: 24 kg. Of bonder for 6 kg. Of water). Thoroughly stir this mixture with a low-speed mixer or a trowel until all pellets are removed.
  • Wait for 5 minutes and then re-mix for 2 minutes.
  • The mortar so prepared should be applied by means of a notched steel trowel.


  • Working time : Max. 3 hours
  • Setting time : 30 minutes
  • Any mortar in the container not used for more than 30 minutes should be re-stirred for 1 or 2 minutes before using.
  • To ensure good bonding use a rubber-head hammer to provide good contact between cladding material and the adhesive.
  • After 24 hours you may use water-proofing, anti-crack BEDUmix joint fillers with different color option.


  • Depending on dimensions cladding material and smoothness of application surface average 4 or 5 kg/m2


  • Do not add any other material into BEDUmix concrete delivered in its original bags.
  • Application temperature should be between +5°C and +35°C, and no application should be carried out during heavy wind, sun exposure and under rain.
  • Setting time should be considered, if the mortar applied by means of a notched steel trowel is left there without cladding for more than 30 minutes it should be re-combed with the same trowel.
  • All tools should be immediately washed out with clean water after application.
  • Thoroughly wash those areas contacted with the mortar since it is cement-based.


1 year in dry place.


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