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Ceramic tile adhesive




It is the white cement based, including chemical additives, preferred in the places where the environmental temperature suddenly changes, with special quality, high performance and water resistant adhesion mortar cement.


In indoor places, in horizontal and vertical, in outdoor places and for the adhesion of coating materials like tiles, ceramics, granite ceramic, marble, granite, travertine, faience, tiles, square tiles, decorative bricks, etc. in outdoor places on the horizontal surfaces.


Surface; must be free of materials such as mould oil, soil, lime, dust, paints and other materials hindering adhesion. The wide cracks, gaps and holes on the surface must be repaired with BEDUmix con-mor or rep-plast repair mortar at least 24 hours before. The application surfaces before coating must be moistened softly.


  • 5,5 – 6 litres of water must be put to a can prepared for the mixture. Then BEDUmix tile-mix  flex w tiles adhesive in 25 kg bags added to the water and stirred with a low rotation mixer or with a trowel until round mass resolve.
  • It will be then stirred for a period of 2 minutes after it is mixed for a period of 5 minutes.
  • Prepared mortar is applied on the surface with toothed steel trowel. The tooth dimension of the trowel must be selected according to the dimensions of ceramics or tiles to be coated.

APPLICATION FEATURES                                                                    

  •  Lifetime of the mortar                   : Max. 3 hours
  • Scaling period                                    : 20 minutes
  • It must be again mixed for a period of 1-2 minutes before applying the prepared mortar which is kept more than 30 minutes in its can.
  • For a good adhesion a proper contact must be provided by applying a force with a plastic hammer between adhesive mortar and coating material.
  • BEDUmix joint filler can be applied after 24 hours.


  • The consumption ratio is about 4-5 kg/m2 according to the sizes of the used coating materials and smoothness of application surfaces.


  • No foreign substances must be added to the BEDUmix tile-mix flex w tile adhesion mortar in the original bags.
  • The temperature of the application environment must be between +5 oC and +35 oC, no application must be performed under severe wind, sun and rain.
  • Scaling period of the mortar must be followed, if the mortar applied on the surface with toothed trowel has been waited for more than 20 minutes it must be toothed with the same trowel.
  • All working equipment must be washed with water without drying.
  • Since the mortar is cement based the places where it gets in touch with the skin must be washed with plenty of water.


It is 1 year in dry and environments without moisture.


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