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Concrete adhesive


BEDUMIX CO-MIX is a ready to use, rewet table polyvinyl acetate (PVA) emulsion admixture and bonding agent which bonds new concrete, underlayment’s, masonry, stucco, terrazzo and Portland cement/sand mixes to horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Recommended for interior and/or exterior use not subjected to constant moisture, hydrostatic pressure or continuous water saturation

In plaster mortars:

1 m3 of aggregate and 350 kg of concrete are mixed dryly. eile Latex product at the ratio of 2-3% of the cement weight is added into almost 120 liters of water to get the liquid mixture. It is added into the dry mixture until it becomes ready for trowel.

In repair mortar application:

 Cement and sand are mixed at the ratio of 1:3. This dry mixture is mixed with a liquid mixture prepared with 1:1 ratio of latex and water. It is mixed until set.

Technical Specifications

modified Acrylic Emulsified Resin

 Color: White

 Application Temperature: +5°C +30°C

 PH: 7-9

Shelf Life:

 12 months following the production date under the specified storage conditions in their unopened package.

BEDUMIX Concrete adhesive


Bedumix co-mix is an acrylic resin emulsion that improves waterproofing and adherence features of cementations mortar.

Areas of Usage In repair mortars;

 as an adherence augmenter in the rough surface repair of cement based screed, concrete and plasters; to provide waterproofing for all kinds of internal and external plasters such as roof and walls; in screeds; as adherence and strength augmenter in the adhesive mortars of coating materials such as ceramics in order to prevent cracks and to increase adherence and waterproofing

*It provides waterproofing and flexibility.

 *The mortar mixed with bedumix co-mix has a better resistance against cracks and erosion as well its bending strength and impact resistance.

*Resistance of constructions against the external factors and chemicals increases.

 * It delivers high adherence



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