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سخت کننده رویه بتن

Concrete surface hardener





It is a surface hardener having high resistance, including special chemical agents and aggregates (quartz, corunt or metal according to product type) applied on fresh concrete surfaces, used for hardening concrete surfaces such as shopping centers, garages, petrol stations, parking lots, pavements, schools, warehouses, loading stations, factories, seaports, airplane hangars, all industrial grounds, bridges, viaducts, concrete connection crossings, etc.  

  • Water must be cleared away if exists on the concrete surface where application will be performed.
  • Connection points of concrete and mould must be opened in 1 cm depth with trowel and filled with flo-hard.
  • Application must be started when you can step on it, namely when 3-6 mm. footprint remains after stepped on it.
  • Application must be performed manually near concrete surface by sprinkling.
  • Application must not be performed with shovel.
  • Sprinkling must be performed homogenously in a manner that minimum 5 kg hardener per m² is sprinkled on the application surface.
  • Sprinkling must be performed in two steps.
  • In first application step, it must be performed in a manner that minimum 3 kg hardener per m² is sprinkled; and in second step, it must be performed in a manner that 2 kg hardener per m² is sprinkled perpendicular to the first application direction.
  • Disk (tray) smoothing must be performed after each step.
  • Since flo-hard thickens by receiving moisture from the concrete, trowel smoothing must be performed after disk smoothing when it reaches disk smoothing consistency.
  • Minimum water must be used in final glossing smoothing.
  • Water to be used for smoothing in colorful applications must be mixed with flo-hard.
  • It must be prepared for disk smoothing and trowel smoothing in third step.
  • BEDUmix concrete curing must be applied 2 hours after the application.
  • Surfaces with no crack,
  • Colorful surfaces,
  • Easy, fast and economic ground covering,
  • High abrasion and shock resistance,
  • Low absorption rate for water, oil and chemical agent,
  • Easy to clean, dirt-free and self-cleaning,
  • High adhesion force with the ground below.
  • Approximately 3-8 kg/m² depending on the surface.
  • Foreign materials must not be added to BEDUmix hard-flo Surface Hardener in its original bag.
  • Points where mortar contacts with skin must be washed with water since it is cement based.
  • Color and appearance                    : Gray, Red, Green and other colors, powder
  • Tipi                                                         : Corunt, Quartz
  • Application temperature              : between +5 0C and +35 0C
  • Storage                              :  In a dry place without moisture
  • Shelf life                            :  1 year
  • Packing                             :  25 kg kraft sack.



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